Events and achievements 2022

Icon Waypoints in 2022

A few of the events and achievements that shaped Aareal Bank Group’s 2022 financial year


Aareal Bank Group sets new growth targets

Aareal Bank Group exceeded its strategic targets and substantially increased earnings in the 2021 financial year. The Company embarks upon another growth phase from a position of strength.


Aareal Bank Group acquires CollectAI

Aareal Bank Group acquires all the shares in Collect Artificial Intelligence GmbH (CollectAI). With this acquisition, Aareal Bank Group is expanding its range of products and services in the Banking & Digital Solutions segment, adding end-customer communications functionality as well as AI-based solutions for interactive invoices and intelligent dunning processes.


Aareal Bank provides financing for Scape’s student accommodation

Aareal Bank concludes a green financing agreement with Scape Living Plc, a subsidiary of APG Asset Management NV. The £157 million senior loan serves to (re-)finance four student housing properties in London and Guildford. Aareal Bank acts as arranger, agent and sole lender.


Aareal Bank arranges financing for an international logistics portfolio

Aareal Bank acts as arranger and lender for a €586 million loan financing an international portfolio of logistics properties. The portfolio comprises 24 prime logistics facilities located in the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands.


Aareon appoints Harry Thomsen as new CEO

Harry Thomsen is appointed CEO of Aareon AG, taking the reins from Dr Manfred Alflen, who has overseen Aareon evolving into a leading software player in the European property industry.


Successful takeover offer
by Atlantic BidCo

More than 60 % of shareholders accept bidder company Atlantic Bidco's takeover offer, exceeding the minimum acceptance level. Atlantic BidCo will be the new majority owner of Aareal Bank AG, subject to regulatory approvals.


85,000 retail customers via tenant deposit guarantees

plusForta, a leading online tenant deposit guarantee broker in Germany, expands its customer base to more than 85,000 retail customers. plusForta, which has been part of Aareal Bank Group since 2019, brokers tenant deposit guarantees via its online platforms and


Aareon acquires 93% stake in Momentum

Swedish Momentum Software Group AG develops, sells and implements software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for property and energy management. It supports Aareon's transformation into a SaaS company.


Nina Babic appointed to the Management Board as Chief Risk Officer

Nina Babic, responsible for Aareal Bank's credit management and serving as Senior General Manager since 1 June 2021, succeeds Christiane Kunisch-Wolff, who requested the early termination of her contract for personal reasons.


Management Board team at Aareon realigned

Aareon AG's Supervisory Board appoints Rumyana Trencheva and Dr Ernesto Marinelli to the Management Board. Dr Marinelli is responsible for the newly created Chief People Officer (CPO) role on the Management Board. Ms Trencheva assumes the role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).


Aareal Bank arranges financing for pan-European logistics portfolio

To enable the acquisition of a prime logistics portfolio, Aareal Bank provides an international investor with a €470 million loan. The well-diversified portfolio comprises more than 20 properties, located mainly in Continental Europe. Aareal Bank acts as arranger, agent and lender.


Aareal Bank refinances British hotel portfolio

Aareal Bank grants a £240 million senior loan to the European Property Investors Special Opportunities 6 fund (EPISO 6) to refinance the acquisition of a hotel portfolio. The portfolio comprises nine hotels in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Aareal Bank acts as sole arranger, agent and sole lender.


Increased deposit volume

Average deposit volume at Aareal Bank climbed to €13.4 billion during the financial year, clearly surpassing the original target level of €12 billion. €2.5 billion of the average deposit volume is accounted for by tenant deposits.