2022 Annual Report

Building your

A century of Aareal Bank

Serving the property and housing industry as a reliable and flexible partner for 100 years

The city of tomorrow

Profound changes require fresh ideas and new concepts

The commercial properties of tomorrow

Greener, smarter, and more flexible: commercial property in transition

The home of tomorrow

Digitalisation presents new opportunities and creates new requirements

Image concept

3deluxe: the architects breaking with conventional perspectives

Building the future requires new design ideas for living and working space.

Only a few architectural firms around the world consistently centre their work around their visions. Among them is a group of professionals headquartered in Wiesbaden – just like Aareal Bank. The 40 architects working at 3deluxe develop impressive and multi-award-winning studies and projects that deliberately break with conventional perspectives. They also focus on interconnectivity and sustainability – for modern urban development, ground-breaking office buildings, and flexible residential structures.

We are publishing this year’s Annual Report under the motto “Building your tomorrow”, which verbalises our aim to enter into dialogue with the pioneers of our future – a good reason for letting the visions of 3deluxe inspire the image concept of this Annual Report.

3deluxe: the architects breaking with conventional perspectives