A century of
Aareal Bank

A century of Aareal Bank

Aareal Bank Group has helped its clients achieve success for 100 years. The calling has remained the same since day one: Aareal Bank Group's mission is to be not only a property lender and provider of products and services, but also to advise clients and help them find their way.

Since it was founded in July 1923 as Deutsche Wohnstätten-Bank AG, Aareal Bank Group has never stopped evolving. Whilst Deutsche Wohnstätten-Bank AG initially focused on granting housing construction loans after the First World War, Aareal Bank developed into one of the leading international property specialists over the course of its long and rich history, opening up new business areas and markets along the way. Today, Aareal Bank Group offers financing across three continents, traditional banking services and software products for the property sector and related industries.

Moreover, Aareal Bank is an active issuer of Pfandbriefe and bonds on the capital markets. Deposits, from the housing industry in particular, are an additional source of funding.

The Bank's purpose has remained steadfast for 100 years: to serve the property and housing industry as a reliable and flexible partner. The belief in "building your tomorrow" is just as true today as it was on day one.

Being able to actively shape the future requires extensive knowledge of market connections, a cross-sector perspective and a solid grasp of the challenges that clients are facing, predicated on a holistic, long-term way of thinking and – more importantly – curiosity, know-how and the willingness to change. It also calls for the courage to point out opportunities and risks, and to develop and action pioneering ideas.

Skills and passion

Since its founding, Aareal Bank Group's most important capital has been its employees. It is their dedication and individual experiences that determine whether we succeed at the mission we have set for ourselves. Their skills and passion have been the cornerstone of our success for 100 years.

That is why personnel planning, recruitment and development are so important at Aareal Bank.

The Bank champions a value-based culture and diversity, with employees from 45 different countries working together with mutual trust and respect.

Clear sense of direction

Over the past century, Aareal Bank Group has successfully mastered a great many challenges. A clear sense of direction and continuous innovation are what it takes to overcome the challenges facing the property, housing and energy sector right now; there is no shortage of disruptive change and transformation ahead. The city of tomorrow has new expectations and habits in store, calling for new services and business models. It also holds new opportunities and prospects. In this rapidly changing world, Aareal Bank Group is there for its clients with its pioneering solutions, standing at their side as a reliable partner with a century of experience.

Aareal Bank Group

Aareal Bank Group, headquartered in Wiesbaden, was founded 100 years ago and has since become a leading international property specialist. The Bank uses its expertise to identify trends, challenges and opportunities at an early stage, and to exploit them for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Today Aareal Bank Group offers financing across three continents, traditional banking services and software products for the property sector and related industries. It is the lead bank to the German housing industry and supports international clients in more than 20 countries.

Aareal Bank Group’s business strategy focuses on sustainable business success, with environmental, social and governance aspects as an integral part of this strategy.

Aareal Bank AG comprises the business segments Structured Property Financing, Banking & Digital Solutions, and Aareon.

Structured Property Financing

The Structured Property Financing segment encompasses all of Aareal Bank Group’s property financing and funding activities. Here, the Bank supports its clients in making large-volume commercial property investments. The investment properties mostly comprise office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, logistics and residential property, as well as student apartments.

Aareal Bank’s lending business is refinanced through Pfandbriefe and bonds. Adding to this are deposits from the German housing industry, institutional money market investors and private customers, the latter being raised by way of a trust model.

Banking & Digital Solutions

In the Banking & Digital Solutions segment, Aareal Bank Group supports businesses from the housing, property management and energy industries as a digitalisation partner – combining extensive advisory services and product solutions with traditional corporate banking services and deposit-taking.


The Group's subsidiary Aareon, the leading supplier of software as a service (SaaS) for the European property sector, represents the third business segment. It is digitalising property management by offering user-oriented software solutions that simplify and automate processes, support sustainable and energy-efficient operations and interconnect all process participants.

Jochen Klösges

“We are a specialist and a global player bringing together the best of both worlds: a down-to-earth approach and worldwide expertise, fast decision-making processes and an international footprint, an understanding of our clients’ needs, and a reputation of reliability on the global capital markets."

Jochen Klösges, Chairman of the Management Board of Aareal Bank

Jochen Klösges

Chairman of the Management Board
Aareal Bank


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